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Book 3 is Available!

Beyond Belief 3: The Phantom of Highcastle is now available for purchase! To get your copy just follow this link. It is FREE to read on Kindle unlimited.

In this new mystery Kenai goes on his very own investigation to discover the identity of a spooky phantom haunting Highcastle University. There are ghosts, legends, lost treasure, hidden codes, ancient maps, and secret tunnels!

Not only does Kenai have his own investigation, he goes undercover at the university as a kid genius. But how long can this regular kid keep up the illusion? And how long can he keep up the facade when he makes friends with two real prodigies from the university’s special program for gifted youngsters: Plato’s Cave?

Will Kenai solve the case? What will he do when his new friends discover his true identity? Will he find the lost treasure? Read The Phantom of Highcastle to find out!

In this story kids will learn sophisticated critical thinking concepts in the context of a fun mystery. Here are just a few of the concepts kids will learn:

  • The Illusory Truth Effect
  • Pareidolia
  • Confirmation bias
  • The availability heuristic
  • and many more!

Check out the sample below:



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