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Book 3 Update

I’ve heard from many of you wanting to know when the next Beyond Belief book will be done. So to answer your questions, Beyond Belief 3: The Phantom of Highcastle is under construction and ALMOST DONE.

I’ve been working on the book for months now, and I can share a few tidbits without giving too much away.

First, Kenai is TOTALLY going solo this time. At the end of Beyond Belief the Adventure of Zombie Island Kenai was given his very own investigation. Book 3 starts as he begins his own adventure.

Second, book 3 is full of secret codes and puzzles. Kenai will need his top notch critical thinking skills, but he will also need to read ciphers, crack codes, and find messages hidden in ancient maps.

Lastly, book 3 is a story about friendship. Kenai needs to choose between his mission and his new friends. Will he make the right choice?

Look for book three later this summer!

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