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Why Teach Critical Thinking to Your Kid?

This site is dedicated to helping you teach your kid critical thinking skills, but some parents might wonder why we should bother doing this in the first place.

After all, you are a parent. That means you are: a cook, a coach, a medic, a personal assitant, a tutor, a counsleor, a cop, and… you get the point.

You are busy. Why take time to teach critical thinking? Won’t kids learn this in school?

Maybe. Maybe not. But whether they do one thing is certain: critical thinking skills can’t wait.

A survey by Microsoft shows that most children under eight have unsupervised access to the internet. That means that even if your kid doesn’t, most of the kids they know do, and they are more than happy to share.

This is a problem because the internet is the most abundant source of information in history, good and bad. While it has more good information than any of our ancestors could ever hope to get in their lives, it is filled to overflowing with misinformation. Hoaxes, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, urban legends, and kooky claims that strain credulity. Kids are exposed to more of it than ever before. And at younger ages than ever before.

And it is not just the internet. It is now a fact of life that leaders at the highest levels of society, the ones kids used to look up to, are now tweeting out wild-eyed conspiracy theories, denying established science, and promoting magical thinking. Kids need to stay skeptical.

Parents cannot keep the crazy away from their kids. There is just too much. So the best thing you can do is prepare them for it by teaching them critical thinking skills. It might be one the smartest things you can do as a parent to prepare your child for the world they are living in. On this site you will find information to help you do just that.

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