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Ghost Hunting Bingo

Do you ever watch ghost hunting shows? If you do, then you know that they follow a few simple tropes. The ghost hunters walk around a spooky location. At night. With lots of gizmos. They talk to the ghosts (a.k.a. empty rooms) and then have routine freak-outs over strange noises, random changes in thermal images,…

Don’t be Mean to Thirteen: A Book Review

I believe that children’s books make the world a better place. They help parents and children begin deep conversations. They encourage us grownups to rediscover our sense of curiosity and wonder alongside our children. They soothe in tough times. And they introduce kids to ideas that show a path forward in a confusing world. But…


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Hi, I’m Dr. Ron, A child psychologist specializing in critical thinking for kids. I created this blog to share my favorire tips and tricks for parents!

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